The perfect wedding dress is the one that makes you feel comfortable, radiant and unique. At Love is in the Air we are committed to designing the dress you are looking for. We create unique, exclusive dresses using high-quality materials.

Adapting fabrics, lines and details and taking the personality of each bride as a source of inspiration, at Love is in the Air, there is also a small corner for tailor-made dresses.

We create unique dresses that we treat with great care. We design dresses after listening to the bride, sketching ideas and searching through the desired options. A perfect alternative for when you can't find the dress you dreamed of or you are simply looking for a design made especially for you.

Throughout this process, Rosa García is responsible for giving shape to the ideas, lines, tones, textures and all kinds of details. We offer each bride the perfect combination for her to look her best on the big day.